1. What is the Lakeside PTO?


PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. ... Our goals are to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community at large to improve our children's educational experience. We raise money throughout the year to fund our activities, all of which benefit Lakeside. 



2.  I have a student at Lakeside. Am I automatically a member of the Lakeside PTO?  


Yes!  All Lakeside parents, teachers, and staff members are considered members of the Lakeside PTO. Please join us at PTO meetings and gain valuable insight about Lakeside and our PTO's activities!  



3.  I’m not getting emails from the Lakeside PTO. How do I receive timely information about school news and events?  


Click here to create an account with the Lakeside PTO.  It is important to register because parents are active partners in their student’s education and can only be supportive of events and activities if they are aware of them.  Very little information is sent home via hard copy from the school and virtually nothing is sent via hard copy from PTO.  This is your information pipeline!  Also, this website is the only means that PTO has for obtaining information for the student directory, as CISD cannot share student information directly with us.  Our student directory will not be complete if your student is not listed! 


4. If you are a current Lakeside family who already has a www.LakesidePTO.com account and need to add a new child to your account, here are the steps to do so:


1) Log in to your www.LakesidePTO.com account

2) Click on "My Account"

3) Click on "My Forms/Paperwork" (NOT "Update my Account")

4) Click on "Contact Information"

5) Scroll down and click on "Next Step"

6) Click on the button that says "I have another student"

7) Make sure you choose "Kindergarten" for the current school year.


It's not the most straightforward process, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us! 



5.  My personal information is already registered with CISD. Why am I not getting information about school events and news from the Lakeside PTO? 


Registering with Lakeside PTO is NOT the same as updating your information in the CISD Parent Portal.  The Lakeside PTO is considered a separate entity from the school, and as such, CISD is not allowed to share any student information from the CISD Parent Portal with the Lakeside PTO.  Registration information in the CISD Portal does NOT transfer to the Lakeside PTO.  The Lakeside PTO has to obtain and house student information separately.  Therefore, you must be registered with Lakeside PTO separately.



6.  If I am registered with PTO, does that mean that my personal information will automatically be put in the student directory?


No.  During the registration/account creation process on this website, you will have the opportunity to indicate what information you would like included in the directory.



7.  How do I access the secure online student directory?


 Click HERE to purchase one year of access for $5 per family. 



8.  How can I volunteer at Lakeside?


Make sure you are registered to receive emails from the Lakeside PTO (see question 3).  Complete the Volunteer Interest Form during Step 3 of the registration/account creation process to let us know what you are interested in.  A member of our PTO will contact you about getting involved.  Be sure to read your PTO newsletters to learn about activities and volunteer opportunities as they arise.


You  MUST complete a CISD criminal background check every school year.  Click here for more information.  This is not optional, and when you show up to school to volunteer, you will be turned away at the front office if they do not have a background check on file for you.


Volunteers are not allowed on CISD campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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